Sony in all readiness to launch the PlayStation 4 on November 15

Sony PS4
Image: Indian Express

Sony has announced that they will be launching the PlayStation 4 on November 15. The price of PlayStation 4 will be $399. The PS4 is already experiencing unprecedented response as there are already pre-orders that have crossed the one million mark worldwide.

The gaming console will first hit North America on November 15 followed by Europe on November 29. The information was given by Andrew House, who is the SCE Chief Executive. He has termed this response as being ‘incredible’, speaking during the biggest video games fair in Europe.

The gaming console will be available in as many as 32 countries around the world. According to the company, the 15 disc-based titles will be accessible anytime from the launch to the year-end. Along with digital downloads, Sony will be dishing out 33 games before the end of the year.
Skylanders Swap Force (Activision), NBA 2K14 (2K), Madden 25 (Electronic Arts), Killzone: Shadow Fall (Sony) and Need for Speed: Rivals (Electronic Arts), etc. are some of the retail games that can be seen in the PS4 during the launch.

Sony is targeting the holiday season and according to the stats, Sony has 180 games in the development stage. Out of these 180 games, more than 30 games will be ready during or before the holiday ends.
Microsoft will also be bringing out the Xbox One during November as well as intensifying the competition in the world of video gaming. Microsoft’s gaming console costs $100 more than that of Sony. And that is a positive sign for PlayStation lovers.
To turn the tide in their favor, Sony has announced that they will be bringing down the price of PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 both in Europe and in the United States.

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