Sony unveils PlayStation Now game streaming service

Sony has unveiled its PlayStation Now game streaming service for mobiles handsets tablets and TVs. It was an ardently anticipated gaming service and the announcement has finally come. There is also news that the Sony has sold more than 4.2 million PlayStation consoles.

The PlayStation Now will start its test phase later this month. The same will be launched in the US by the middle of the year. There will be loads of various gaming options for the avid gamers in the world of gaming along with a range of devices that will be launched over a period of time.

The new service for streaming games will be providing the PlayStation gamers the access to play games even from the earlier gaming consoles. The gaming lovers can also expand the horizons of their play to Smartphones as well as tablets – devices that can be linked to the internet.

One drawback for those gamers who are shifting to the newer generation of consoles is that these gadgets cannot play those games that are made for the earlier versions of the consoles. The services from Sony will begin offering hit tiles those can be played on PS3 as well as on PS4.

Sony believes in allowing the users to play games from wherever they want and whenever they want. Sony will also be incorporating the technology from Gaikai – a cloud gaming company that Sony had purchased a couple of years back for a price of $380 million.

The gamers can rent titles with PlayStation Now or choose to pay a monthly subscription to this service. There are some exciting games to choose from, for the gamers. Here you can see a list of some of the exciting games for Sony PlayStation 4.

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