Sony XZ Premium: Do the LG G6 and HTC U11 Stand Up?

The Sony XZ Premium is one of the better smartphones that Sony has launched. But can the LG G6 and HTC U11 be its alternatives? Read on to know.

Sony XZ Premium

Sony XZ Premium

The Sony XZ Premium, the present flagship from Sony is without any doubt a jam-packed handset full of features. The 4K display, huge power, awesome camera and solid battery life are all fit into this solid phone from Sony. Just a look at this phone and finding an alternative will be hard. Or do you think? Well, read on to see how two other worthy phones stack up against the Sony XZ Premium.

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Though Sony definitely makes better looking and tougher phones, when coming to software, Sony has a few things to work on. And it seems like other phone companies have done their part in creating the perfective competition to the Sony XZ Premium. Enter, LG G6 and the HTC U11, both launched in 2017. The LG G6 also had a Gold Amber variant that launched in Hong Kong.

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When coming to display, the XZ Premium has a beautiful 4K winning 5.5-inch screen. Though the LG G6 has a bigger gorgeous screen, it does not provide the 4K facility that Sony has provided. The HTC U11 has a 5.5-inch screen, but it does not even stand up to the screens that both Sony and LG carry in their phones. But if going bezel-less is the way for you, then consider the LG 6 as the XZ has huge bezels both on above and below the screen.

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Platform and Memory

When coming to the software, all the three different companies offer on-time updates, and so they are assured to run the latest platform. But when coming to processing speed, the XZ Premium at the HTC U11 stands at the top with a Snapdragon 835 Octa-core processor. While the G6 runs a processor that is capable of running today’s apps, it is still less when compared to the processors of both the phones. When coming to memory, HTC offers additional 128GB, 6GB RAM or 64GB, while Sony offers just a 64GB storage, which is a huge letdown. The LG G6 offers various other options as well, but they are not coupled with the RAM as the G6 is.

HTC U11 Variant


When coming to the camera, all the three phones don’t have the cameras in their price range. The XZ has a 19MP camera, while the G6 and U11 have a 13MP and 12MP camera respectively. The front camera also varies from one model to the other. The G6 has a disappointing 5MP camera, while the XZ and the U11 have a 13MP and 16MP camera respectively. However, a teaser that talked about the metal body and water resistance features of the LG G6 had rolled out on its sign-up page.

Other features also vary from one company to other, such as the fingerprint sensor. In Sony, while it is side mounted, the fingerprint sensor is located in the front and back of the phone in LG and HTC respectively. The same applies to water and dust resistance too, as they depend from one company to the other. But when seeing the overall features the three phones carry, it can be said with confidence that the three of them are unique in their own way, and are also worthy competitors.

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