Spotlight on Apple OS X at WWDC 2014 before iOS

Spotlight could be more on the Apple OS X at the WWDC 2014, which is just a few weeks away. This means the iOS could potentially take a backseat, which hasn’t happened for some time now.

Apple OS X

The company will be focusing on the OS X v10.10 during the World Wide Developer Conference. Before this never has it happened that the iOS has ever been pushed to the back. On the contrary, Apple has always the preference to their operating system, the iOS.

According to 9to5Mac the v10.10 of the OS X will be seen with an entire redesign. This will bring it at the same level with that of the visuals seen in iOS 7. The changes that could be experienced will be the corners getting sharper, shadows getting lesser as well as incorporating the 3D effects.Apple OS X

There will also be an updated color palette in the Apple OS X. As a matter of fact, Apple had brought about huge resources for the redesign of the iOS in the previous year. However, a bulk of the styles from the older version is there in the OS X.

The reports from 9to5Mac also add that the refurbishment of the OS will be visual, while the two OSes will be distinct elements. Their goals will be different and so will there users be. And yes, when it comes to the features, there will many of them. But the Apple OS X will not incorporate the iOS features.

This will automatically push the iOS 8 development to the back. Some of the predetermined features of the iOS 8 will get to see the light of the day only in the next year, which will be addressed as 8.1.

The Healthbook app is one of the features of the upcoming iOS version that was in the talks recently. There were also reports that spoke about the new iOS version having an iWatch.

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