‘Star’ to be the new codename of Galaxy S9 production

The smartphone giant Samsung has finally decided to codename the Galaxy S9 production as ‘Star’.

Galaxy S9 production

Galaxy S9 production
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Why the codename ‘Star’?

‘Star’ has been chosen as the codename for the Galaxy S9 production while Star 2 will be the codename for the larger model. This is just a rumor as the brand has not officially spoken about it. It was also rumored that the Note 8 will have an entirely different codename. So it won’t be a shock for its users to have a different codename for the S9 as well. Also, there is no perfect reason stated by the the brand as to why the series has been codenamed, reported Korean publication, The Bell.

What makes Galaxy S9 unique?

The Galaxy S9 production has begun early. The production is running 3 to 4 months ahead of schedule. However, no concrete information is available as to what the smartphone has to offer to its loyal users. And we’re not at all surprised to know this. There is one feature that Samsung will add to the S9 is a more refined infinity display.

Different codenames for different galaxies

Samsung has always codenamed all its devices. For example: the Samsung Galaxy 8 was codenamed as Project Dream while the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was dubbed as Great. It is really too early to comment on anything as there is still a year left for its launch.

Though the Galaxy S9 production has started, the brand is focusing on the upcoming Note 8 to build a trust of the Note family among its users.


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