Stay Safe on WhatsApp: What all you Need to Know

Using WhatsApp is fun and a means of a pastime for quite a few people around the globe. But using the messaging app brings along responsibilities on you too. Read the tips to know how to stay safe on WhatsApp.

Stay Safe on WhatsApp

how to backup WhatsApp messages, Stay Safe on WhatsApp

From being excited over Emoji, camera features to status and animated GIFs, we all always keep waiting for new features for the updates of WhatsApp which makes its users’ communicate with friends and family easier and chilling. But every one of us must stay safe on WhatsApp.

As Facebook has already owned WhatsApp which has become a hub and mostly used for spreading violence messages, hate messages, misunderstanding messages, and even web crimes in India. So our message for you is to stay safe on WhatsApp and share safe on WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp itself has made sure of their easy communication for internet users throughout the globe as it’s the most appropriate and trending platform for communication. But in India WhatsApp groups play a major role in making misinformation viral with the intentions of violence either for race, religion or politicians.

Everyone is aware of WhatsApp terms for their end to-end-encrypted data of chatting platforms, but a few know that WhatsApp always collects metadata of every user’s chats which the company has a right to share for judiciary purposes with law enforcement agencies. Everyone should stay safe on WhatsApp as everything is being under laws and constitution.

Being end to end encrypted data facilitated, WhatsApp can Share your details like name, IP address, mobile number, location, mobile numbers, location, mobile network, and our mobile handset type. They even can know with whom you chatted, for how much time. At this stage, knowing the timeline of WhatsApp would be an interesting read.

They can even also access your contacts as well. Police can arrest you any time in any charge as there are no special laws for WhatsApp users in the country. If you do any of the followings under the Information Technology Act, 2000:

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Be aware of the 10 major threats so you stay safe on WhatsApp

1. Spreading of pornographic contents or obscene material on WhatsApp can lead to major actions against you by rules. So try to stay safe on WhatsApp and ignore or neglect sharing these types of contents.

2. The admins of WhatsApp groups must stay aware of the group members as admins can be arrested for any irresponsible behavior of any group members.

3. Promotion and illegal body trade such as prostitution and poaching. And doing these on WhatsApp can lead to strict law punishments for the indulged user.

4. Sharing of morphed photos of famous and known personalities on WhatsApp is also a part of web crime. So, stay safe on WhatsApp as you will be the only accused for every single activity with your registered account.

5. Harassing and molestation of women on WhatsApp can send you behind the bars.

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6. Using a WhatsApp account with someone else’s name, number or detail is also listed as a crime as it can lead to several misleads.

7. Sending the hate messages, contents for any religion or place of worship with the intention of insulting is a major highlighted crime. So always check every text before forwarding it so as to stay safe on WhatsApp.

8. Spreading fake news and rumors on sensitive topics as per situations which can lead to inciting violence or rioting in the areas which can cause serious threats to place, city, state or even to country.

9. Promotion and selling drugs via WhatsApp which do not fall in the mainstream and is illegal trade.

10. Illegally filmed clips, censored videos sharing via WhatsApp is also illegal including Voyeurism or sending video clips of people.

Keeping all the threats in mind and knowing their results stay safe on WhatsApp and keep your use of WhatsApp a friendly and positive. At the same time, you should be aware that these are only a few things we listed here. And these can change in the future. In short, these 10 points listed aren’t the only criteria for using safe WhatsApp.

There can be more things that you shouldn’t be doing on the messaging app. What do you think these can be? Do comment below for your thoughts.

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