SwiftKey Brings SwiftKey Stats to Android Beta; See How It Progressed

The popular third-party keyboard app SwiftKey has brought SwiftKey Stats to Android beta. See, how the typing app has progressed over a period of time.

SwiftKey for Android Beta

Those who need to type more on their mobile devices will certainly be aware of SwiftKey. It is a pretty popular third-party app on Google Play Store – and one my favorites too. Starting from yesterday – Thursday 21, 2016, SwiftKey announced it is adding a novel feature to their app – SwiftKey for Android beta. The new feature is known as SwiftKey Stats. The new feature, the company thinks, will let the users to take a close look at the stats and to get to learn about them.

SwiftKey for Android beta

The stats will display three or five topmost topics that are written the most about. This way, the users can easily learn the thought process in recent times. You will also get to know what emojis have been used in your communication writing apart from discovering the signature emoji. That’s the most used emoji, as you can easily know as you have used that the most.

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So, is it you who always learn? SwiftKey will learn from you too. It will learn how many vocab words the software has learned from you. Naturally, all the counters will start at zero when the installation for this Android beta app is completed.

The app’s beta is presently available on Play Store and has a cool number of downloads. However, it won’t replace your regular app as the new features are currently under testing. Still interested in installing the app? Follow this link.

Are you a SwiftKey user? What do you think about the SwiftKey for Android beta? Do not forget to put your comments in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.


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