Technology in Education: How Things are Changing with Times

Technology has progressed by leaps and bounds in recent times and has touched almost every walk of human life. Then how can technology in education be left behind?

Technology in Education

Technology today has undoubtedly emerged massively in modernizing education. The number of advantages it possesses to the field of education is immense which aids in improving means of education. With the evolving technology, teachers and students are benefitted in various ways which include learning through online classes, develop research skills, have access to a wide range of reference materials and many more. Some of the notable revolutions in technology for the field of education include:

Online Education

Online Education has changed the view of education from classroom teaching to use of technology to a great extent. The teacher and students being miles apart will still be able to communicate effectively and convey the concepts to the students with no difference from the classroom learning.

Technology in Education

Simulation and Modelling

Simulation and modeling help in demonstrating how real-world tasks are performed with the help of technology and designing the real-world objects using computer software, also referred to as modeling provides a realistic view of objects even before they are brought into existence.

Discussion Forums

Discussion forums provide a platform for people located at various geographic locations across the world to interact with each other and share thoughts.

Automation of Tools

Automation of tools using technology has caused a huge revolution in the modern world and has also led to a reduction of labor, in turn, making the tasks easy for people.

Technology is used in various fields, but the development or implementation of new technologies is directly related to the field of Engineering. Various disciplines in engineering strive to innovate new technologies in different ways, for example, the Computer Aided Design software used to design any real-world object is used in many industries such as Automobile, Aerospace, Mechanical, etc.

Many technologies spanning from bottle cap opener to microwave oven to chatbots come under various disciplines of Engineering like Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Science, etc. There is a wide range of technologies developed by the engineers that help in education and some of the remarkable ones are:


The evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) has played a major role in the automation of many appliances and tools. For example, the biometrics attendance machine, which sends real-time attendance report by scanning the fingerprints of the crowd.


It is a chain that is formed by a list of records called blocks which are linked using cryptography. It serves as a ledger that records transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable way.

 Augmented Reality

It is a rapidly growing technology that presents the images or models in a realistic view to the user. It is mainly used in demonstrating some mechanisms without actually performing them. The models or processes are projected in a 3D view which helps the learner to understand the working more efficiently.


 Machines that are programmable by a computer and can perform tasks automatically have increased to reduce human efforts. Robots have reduced the labor required in many tasks by automating the mechanism to be performed.

Mobile devices

The invention of mobile devices is one of the sensations in the technology world. A device which came into existence to perform tasks remotely at any time or any place. The invention of various other technologies by the Engineering field is immense. Aspiring Engineers tend to pursue the Engineering course with a dream of innovation or invention of any such technologies.

There are many Engineering Colleges across India offering trending courses required to inculcate knowledge required to build new technologies. Especially, Engineering Colleges in Kolkata provide a wide range of courses and requirements to pursue on-demand courses.

The positive impact technology has on education or society has exceeded its negative impact. Technology has been evolving in different ways and mesmerizing people by its wide range of uses.

Author – Harshitha S Reddy

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