Fake Web Traffic Around; One-third of it: WSJ

How would it look to know that there’s around 33% of fake web traffic? As a matter of fact, the traffic on the web is considered one step forward. The reason is simple. The traffic on the web can be measured in a range of ways and that’s why it is considered better than the conventional ways of traffic.

Fake Web Traffic

You can get a lot of statistics like where your web pages were opened, how long people were on the page, on what devices the pages were opened and what the geo-targeting was. At least this and more kinds of data are what the web analytics promise to offer to you.

However, a stunning report has come forward from the Wall Street Journal, which says that there is around 36% of web traffic that is believed to be fake. This means the advertisers pay more than what they should due to the counterfeit views.

Study this example

Just have a look at this. There is automation of adverting as well as payment systems. There are many out there and you can consider any one of them. Content farms have sprung up, in between. They scour for the content from all over the web and bring collectively low quality sites and virtually ignore the quality. The reasoning is simple behind it, which is, if those keywords can pull in satisfactory clicks and then in that case, even they will get paid similarly.

As Google’s Adword and Adsense are popular and widespread, they have to face a huge problem in this factor. The fight from Google is a big one. Last month, Google had acquired spider.io, a startup based in Britain to fight exactly this kind of hoax.

So, what’s the way out?

The new acquisition what Google will be looking up to immediately is employing the fraud detection system in the videos as well as the display ads products. Digital advertising is impossible to avoid these days. Yahoo! had reported that their revenue for the month of January had gone down because of the slide in the online ad costs.

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