Two Way Radio: Top Factors to Consider Prior to Purchasing

Does your job require the use of two-way radio? Nothing could be frustrating than not knowing the convenience & functionality of the device that your job requires. Facing the same situation, then discovering the complete information is a better choice for you instead of having trouble in getting the right product.


Factors to Look for When Buying a Two-Way Radio

Fortunately, it is easy to find two types of these radios with the help of internet. But how will you determine which one is the best for your business or domain? You can contact radio manufacturers to know the features & usage of a specific device. This is not the right way, as you may get confused in making the appropriate choice. So, here are five factors to keep in mind while buying them either from the online stores or your nearby store.

Look at your Purpose

First, you should know that two-way radio systems have been used for different purposes since from years. Typically, they’re needed by the public safety & security firms, professionals at construction sites, and crane operators. Prior to the arrival of cell phones, this type of radio was the only option for those who wanted to establish two-way communications with someone on the go.

Components & Parts


They have two main parts including a radio transmitter and a receiver. When combined into a single unit these two parts form a radio “transceiver”. You can find them in three forms: portable transceivers, mobile transceivers, and base station transceivers. The portable transceivers are required by the security department, mobile transceivers are perfect to be used in security patrol vehicles, and a base station transceiver great to use at the security command center.


It’s clear that everyone requires a two-way radio for different purposes. Therefore, when you go for the purchase, you need to look at your needs and its usage. There are so many things that need to be considered prior to buying them. One such consideration includes looking at the basic components of the radio such as the battery.


Buyer has to carefully check for the type of battery that comes with as most of them have an internal rechargeable battery. Also, many other radios come with replaceable batteries that you can change once the life of the batteries gets over. Similarly, things should be considered when choosing a channel frequency, privacy and radio range, all these should be the primary concerns for buyers.


Many people don’t know what to use an FRS channel you need to follow some of the government rules & regulations. So, as per guidelines, this device can only broadcast at a maximum of .5 watts of power. On the other hand, if you opt for a GMRS channel, you can use the maximum output power and range.

Legal License is required for GMRS channel

So, the choice is yours’ as a buyer knows his/her business requirement in a much better way than any other person. One more thing would like to add, if you are using a GMRS channel, you need to have a legal license to operate these radios on higher frequencies.


Multiple frequencies are available on these systems that you should know prior to making a purchase decision. There are two popular frequency ranges – VHF high band (130 -174 MHz) and UHF (400 – 512 MHz), both these options are suitable for security purposes. In many places situation is totally different, as many building campuses are so large an area that they require more than the limited range of a portable radio transceiver to establish communication.

Radio Repeater

The radio repeaters are the solution to this problem and they are often used in places such as Universities, Libraries, Malls & Manufacturing house. A repeater should be mounted on the top a high-rise building to allow seamless communication on the campus.

Wrap Up

So, in the end, it’s better to say that a two-way radio help establishes communication between two parties located in a different place, city or country. But, it all depends on the frequency range, battery power, and radio type. So, you will also have to make proper research to buy a model to get the convenience of seamless two-way communication.

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