Keep in touch even when phone’s battery dries up

Do you know, now you can keep in touch with other people even when your phone’s battery has died down? We are talking about a new technology that is developed by a team that is led by a scientist of Indian origin. With the help of this new tech, the wireless mobile handsets can still communicate with others without having to depend on the batteries as the source of energy.

This new communication technology is known as ‘ambient backscatter’. When the battery of the phone dies down, the technology makes use of the cellular and the TV transmissions that already exist in the atmosphere 24 hours a day.Mobile_phones_190

When two such devices like mobile phones connect with each other, it is with the help of the existing signals for exchanging the information. To overcome the battery problem, the researchers developed devices that are free of batteries but use antennas.

These antennas can find out a TV signal that is also picked up by another parallel gadget. The upside of the technology is that this could bring into effect a network of such devices that do not need any human attention and can still communicate without any source of power.

Shyam Gollakota, who is the lead searcher in the project, has said that the wireless signals can be re-purposed which already are around us. They can be used as both a power source as well as a medium for communicating. This technology also comes in handy for sending emails as well as text messages in wearable devices.

Antennas were built in the devices in regular circuit boards. They flash LED light whenever they happen to receive a signal from a similar device. The services were checked at different locations and it was found out that the devices were able to communicate without any hassles.

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