These Are Best Smartphone Triple Cameras in 2019 iPhones

Best Triple cameras in 2019 iPhones

Apple- The leading corporate Smartphone brand plans to launch a flagship triple cameras in 2019 iPhones. It does have plans to release at least one iPhone with the triple-lens camera. The rear camera in the Smartphone could be a 12MP lens. As per the predictions, the new device would have a camera of 6P lens design with 5X Zoom feature.

Triple Cameras in 2019 iPhones

There is no particular statement or prediction about the 5 X Zoom specifications whether it is optical or Digital or Hybrid Zoom. iPhone 8 with a single lens features 5X Digital Zoom but iPhone 8+ with dual-lens offers 2X Optical Zoom. iPhone X offers 10X Digital Zoom, though the sales of was not satisfactory! If the rumors of the new product launch from Apple prove to be accurate, the mobile users can expect Triple cameras in 2019 iPhones. The confirmation of rumors will also prove Apple is following the footprints of Huawei!

Triple Cameras in 2019 iPhones

Huawei Smartphone Cameras

Huawei released the new P20 Pro Smartphone. It is the first Smartphone with three lenses in the rear camera setup. The P20 Pro features a 40MP primary camera with f/1.8 lens. It also has a 20MP with f/1.6 monochrome lens and an 8MP camera with f/2.4 telephoto lens and 3X Optical zoom as secondary cameras. A Smartphone with triple cameras definitely would provide multiple advantages.

Triple Cameras in 2019 iPhones

The users customize the camera setup as per requirements. The users will enjoy clicking amazing photos and recording high-quality videos with low-light performance feature. The camera system and the integrated features in Huawei’s P20 Pro are superior to Galaxy S9 as well as triple cameras in 2019 iPhones. Though personal preferences may vary with requirements and other features, the camera system is excellent.


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