Touch ID: Turn your finger into a password with iPhone 5S

One of the most exciting features of the iPhone 5S could be the ability of your finger to turn into a password.
The new technology from Apple for fingerprint scanning is known as Touch ID. This technology can allow you to use your finger as a password for logging in apart from making purchases from the online Apple store and iTunes.Apple Touch ID

Dan Riccio, who is the senior vice president for hardware design said in a promotional video that “Your fingerprint is one of the best passwords in the world”. Dan Riccio further added that the finger is such a password that always remains with you no two such ‘passwords’ are exactly the same.

The sapphire crystal will make the Home button on the iPhone 5S apart from acting as a reader. The finger detection feature can use as many as five prints from distinct users. This will depend on who you want to share your phone with. The sensor can read these prints from all possible angles and can grant access acting in the same way as a typical password would generally do.

This fingerprint data is then stored on the phone itself, internally, after encrypting it. This data isn’t stored on the iCloud, on Apple’s servers or backed up. So there is complete security through this technology.
Motorola had also introduced a similar feature back in 2011 for the Motorola ATRIX 4G. However, the company had to discontinue with the feature for some reasons. That’s not all. Even laptops and personal computers had such a security feature. However, this technology never became popular and many users found this to be a tad unreliable.

But with Apple, things may change.

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