Want unlimited books just for $9.99? The Oyster apps is here

Oyster is one such app that is going to change the way one pays for reading books. The app released for iPhone is going to be one of its kinds that come on a monthly payment of $9.99. This offers literally unlimited access in excess of 100,000 titles.

Now when one thinks of Oyster, it is but natural to think of Kindle. Yes, Kindle does have its own lending library. In this amount, the access to virtually unlimited books should come like a tsunami for those who just love to read, read and read.Oyster1
So, if you think you may need to spend $9.99 for a single book, then Oyster is there for you, with unlimited access for a single month. If the founders of the app are anything to go by, the number is on the increase on a daily basis.

Jumping from one author to the other is extremely easy and hassle-free. As a user, you can add as many books to your reading list as you like. Making things easier is the fact that the last 10 books that you opened will get downloaded instantaneously for you to read offline.

The credit for creating the app goes to Eric Stromberg, Andrew Brown and Willem Van Lancker. The primary aim of the app is making the practice of searching for and reading the books to a great extent easier than what had been before.

Now there will be no worries for deciding how much you will have to spend on a certain book. Oyster makes life easier. Just tap and get, it’s that easy. That also makes the purchase time out of the entire process. With low costs, people will also tend to read more.

This will be a win-win situation for everyone as more readers means more bucks for the publishers as well. And ultimately it is Oyster that will also benefit from the entire system.

However, as far as business and revenue is concerned, the founders haven’t disclosed anything yet. Maybe these are early days for the app and they want to get an idea of how things evolve.

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