Unlocked HTC 10 to Receive Nougat Update in the US Today

The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, HTC has now officially confirmed Nougat to reach the unlocked HTC 10 in the US starting from today. Earlier, we spotted some rumours as well about Nougat update to arrive on the HTC 10 devices.

Unlocked HTC 10


HTC has almost planned a nice Thanksgiving gift for its fans in the form of the unlocked HTC 10. The manufacturer has also named some of the other devices where users will get to see the latest version of Android OS. The devices include HTC One A9 and One M9 along with HTC 10.

The Taiwan-based company has promised to update its current flagship to the latest version of Android. And here the company is seen to fulfil the promise prior to the end of the year. To start with, HTC’s this year’s flagship device will receive Nougat update that will start from today.

However, there is a sad news awaiting for the people using the HTC 10 carrier version and HTC One A9 and M9. Users will receive the Nougat update on their respective devices a bit late. The company is touting to roll out the updated version of Android OS for aforesaid devices in early next year. Though there is no word on a specific date, but we hope to see that in the 2017’s first quarter.

Amongst the heaps of leak and rumour landing every week about HTC’s latest flagship device, it’s quite appeasing to see update reaching soon on the unlocked HTC 10. To the matter of fact, people in the US were willing for their device to receive an update. And HTC 10 models in the UK had got a price discount last month.

Here is how you would update the Android manually. Just head on to Settings, then About Device, and lastly System Updates. Voila! You’re done. All easy, isn’t it?

Alternatively, you can also wait for the device to perform this task automatically. So as of now, just wait for the notification tinkle on your phone.


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