Upcoming Smartphones of 2019: Top of the Cream

2019 promises to be a year for 5G phones. Still, there are upcoming smartphones of 2019 that will keep you on the edge of your seats, with these cool top-of-the-line flagships.

Upcoming smartphones of 2019

With the tremendous growth in science, the requirements for the new features in the devices is at its peak. And after the ups and downs in the Android market from a few years, 2019 seems to be a bang. So as to make every user go with the ease and advance with the upcoming smartphones of 2019. Due to the craze of multifeatured smartphones, there is always something which is on the wings to pop up and revolutionize marketing.

So here we are enlisting the upcoming smartphones of 2019 which boast of recent innovations and ultra-stylish looks which have been launched internationally and are expected to debut in the country soon.

Huawei P30 and folding phone

In the list of upcoming smartphones of 2019, the folding phone craze is the talk of the town. And it is also expected Huawei will also be launching their handset. As Huawai had launched the Nova 4 with a display-hole in the middle of the last month. And also revealed some tips of having a folding phone this year.

In 2018, with the P20 and the Mate 20 – and Pro versions of phones Huawai had placed themselves at a high stage. And this worked as a forward push into 2019 expecting the big launch of the Huawei P30 and P30 pro. And maybe in the MWC 2019, we will be able to see what their strategy will be.

Honor View 20 and Honor 8A

Upcoming smartphones of 2019 also enlists Honor View 20 and Honor 8A. Honor View 20, the first smartphone to have a punch hole display will be launched on 21 January. Its looks and displays are super amazing as its other features are.
Honor 8A is the new iPhone 6 kind of phone, where the analysts believed the sales would set the world on fire. The notch over it may be a revolutionary budget wonder, which may buzz the market. FCC has recently passed it under the Budget A-series of Honor.

OnePlus 7

Concept render: Ben Geskin

After a successful 2018 with OnePlus 6 series, OnePlus is working on OnePlus 7.  And maybe that will be launched before the June end. As this Chinese firm always sets uptrend and creates a buzz among the market by their industry trends on display notches, headphone ports, and in-display fingerprint sensors etc. And OnePlus 7 is also likely to come with a display hole cameras among these upcoming smartphones of 2019.

Moto Z4 & G7 Series and Lenovo Z5 Pro GT

As competition among the market is at its peak, Lenovo also announced the launch of their Lenovo Z5 PRO GT. Having been built with a cool 12GB of RAM, and a killer SnapDragon 855, making it one of the best in the business. Not to forget the quad cameras as well as the in-display fingerprint reader. And for Moto Z4 rumors claimed it to be 5G Moto mod and a low-cost handset series to be G7.

Apple iPhone XI

Triple Cameras in 2019 iPhones
Apple iPhone Representational Image

Viral rumors of the upcoming 5G phone from Apple have made quite a splash. And this is going to be one of the major releases in the iOS category. Maybe small design shift could be there with a little bit of size variations but it’s all unclear and hypothetical. Moreover, the presence or absence of the notch will also be the talk of the town.

It is hard to say what this device will be called or what new feature will it include. But there isn’t certainly going to be a 5G phone this year. Apple plans to bring one in 2020.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung is all set to launch Galaxy S10 under his S series flagship. Several rumors talked about the Infinity-O display. And a total of three back cameras with the 5G. And it’s expected by speculating suggestions that it would arrive in February at MWC 2019.

In the upcoming smartphones of 2019, Samsung enlists also its folding phone, which is the viral news in the market. The phone has 2 displays outside and inside showing which can be folded and made single large display just like a small tablet. There are a great hustle and bustle for it and it’s surely going to be costly.

Google Pixel 3 Lite

Google Pixel 3 Lite renders

Well developed, well-functioning Google Pixel Android smartphones may not be well settled over the wallet. As Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL were the latest launches and were pocket shredders. But Google is also coming out the Pixel Lite versions so as to make it in reach of every kind user.

This means every kind of user can have a better smartphone from the upcoming smartphones of 2019 according to their budget. Though the thing here is that the Pixels will continue to come with just a single back camera

Nokia 9 PureView (HMD Global)

Nokia 9 PureView renders

The Nokia 9 PureView is rumored for a while now, but it seems to be coming out as a flagship level device. Armed with a total of 5 cameras at its back with more additional features. Rumors suggest HMD will launch the Nokia PureView 9 in MWC 2019. And the phone will come with the recent SD845 and 6GB RAM.

Though the Nokia 9 PureView has five cameras, doesn’t mean it will be a photographer’s delight. But yes, with those many lenses, there’s room enough to put some software tweaks for a better output.

Sony Xperia XZ4 & XZ4 Compact

Upcoming smartphones of 2019
Xperia XZ4 renders

In the upcoming smartphones of 2019 list, the Japanese phone maker Sony will also update its flagship phones. And we are awaiting the announcement of the XZ and XA phones. With the Xperia XZ4 in February, according to Android Authority, and it would be a launch of a device with a new design, new features, and triple camera setup.

And as Sony has carved a niche for it in the camera business, do expect to have better control over the low-light photography. It’s likely to be one of the first phones to be equipped with the latest Snapdragon 855 chipset as well.

LG folding phone

LG is having quite a troublesome time with its mobile division. Though, they are innovating and still staying afloat in the business. In a bit to bring out the latest design trend, LG’s folding phone will be another launch to watch out. In the recently concluded CES, no LG smartphone came out. And there’s also scarce information on the LG folding phone right now. But remember the LG Flex? That’s something you can expect this time around.

It’s a tentative list of the upcoming smartphones of 2019 that is likely to change in the days to come. What phones do you think will make up to better form this list? Do comment.

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