How to use Bluetooth Headsets for PC: A Walkthrough

New age smartphones come with latest technology and connectivity options. These smartphones have Bluetooth that connects them with various devices without cables and physical connections. The Bluetooth headsets are also designed to offer calling, audio, and video experience without using any wires. These headsets are used mostly with mobiles but now you can also use it with laptops and PCs. If you have not yet gone wireless then there are many reasons to do so!

How to use Bluetooth Headsets

How is Bluetooth Headset better?

The hands-free headset of any kind is better than holding the device in hand for long hours. The standard wired headsets may still keep you glued with the phone and you need to either put the phone in your pocket or hold in your hands while enjoying media or taking calls. Bluetooth headset offers further freedom as you can use it without being wired to the device. The wireless connection is established via Bluetooth and doesn’t require any Wi-Fi connection for the same. You can find the best quality Bluetooth headsets on that offer exceptional sound quality when connected with any of your Bluetooth enabled devices.

Compatibility with various devices

It is compatible with all devices having Bluetooth connectivity. The latest smartphones are all Bluetooth enabled and are compatible with these headsets. The laptops and tablets having latest configuration may also have Bluetooth. The price for Bluetooth enabled laptops would be higher than the regular ones but if you are the technology freak then go for it! Another device that can be connected to this wireless headset is PC. Bluetooth is not provided in most of the PCs and even if you look for the one with Bluetooth then you need to pay hefty but now you can connect the Bluetooth headset with your PC even when it doesn’t have the latest configuration.

How to use Bluetooth Headsets

Use of Bluetooth Adapter

The old-time PC can now be connected with Bluetooth headset with the help of Bluetooth Adapter. This adapter is very compact and can be inserted into a USB port. It comes as a dongle or adapter and would enhance the connectivity options for your PC. There are many types of adapters available in the market but you may opt for the one with headset protocol. The adapter should be compatible with headset connectivity to be used for this type of wireless headset. This way you can enjoy the video and audio on your PC merely by connecting the wireless headset to it. You can sit comfortably and enjoy the media of your choice even from distance.

Selecting the Bluetooth headset for PC

Usually, the headset for PC is not used for calling. The main use of this headset is for entertainment. You can use it to enjoy audio and video, hence you may look for the high sound quality. There are many headsets offered with stereo sound quality to take your video viewing experience to the next level.

Once you have the right Bluetooth headset and compatible PC, pairing them can be done in a single click.

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  1. HI here is my true review after the three months usage of Bluetooth head sets, Since the day I received Ptron Headset from, I’m using this device to connect my Moto G3, Apple iPhone 4S and some other devices. I’ve stopped using original headset and instead I use this one for taking calls and listening music.

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