A virtual ‘Smartwatch’ for fingers – the Smarty Ring

Wearable devices are gaining grounds. One of the latest is the Smarty Ring – the ‘Smartwatch’ for your finger.

As this is a ring, it is naturally miniature in size. That is similar to a Smartwatch. However, the Smarty Ring has a smaller display. It is Bluetooth-ready and therefore allows the users to check alerts from their Smartphones as well as manage both outgoing and incoming calls with the help of its LED display.

The device works with both iOS as well as Android devices. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0v. So data transfer gets all the easier. But that is not the end of the features. There are more of them. Email, updates from social media, time zones from different locations, chat, countdown and stopwatch are some of the features that make the Smarty Ring a real possession indeed.Smarty-Ring-635

The Smarty Ring is in real terms a smart device as it will alert you if you leave your Smartphone and walk at least 30 feet away. But for this to happen, you will need to pair your Smartphone with the Ring. Once done, your device will remain safe and sound even if you forget to carry it with you or leave it behind. No wonder, if it reminds you of Fetch.

There are some common things that the Ring will do for you. For example, it will call the pre-determined numbers for you. It can switch on the camera of the Smartphone that is paired with it. It can control the music of the phone with dedicated music buttons apart from changing the user profile.

You can easily configure the settings of the Smarty Ring with the help of mobile app. You can set the brightness of the LED screen, assign speed dials and adjust beeper volume as well.

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