WhatsApp Desktop Updates Available with New Features

WhatsApp is the most used online messaging platform. WhatsApp desktop updates are available with new features. FB Messenger updates are also available.

WhatsApp Desktop Updates Available


WhatsApp is the most used online messaging app in the world. WhatsApp desktop is not much in use in comparison to the smartphone app. It might be because it has nothing great or unique with it. Even when not all features of WhatsApp installed in our smartphones are present in the desktop app, WhatsApp along with FB Messenger have been termed as the most secure apps. It seems Facebook knows where exactly they are lacking. It has brought updates for both WhatsApp and Messenger for Windows 10. WhatsApp desktop updates are now available for Windows 10.

Facebook has updated the WhatsApp desktop app to a version 0.2.2234. The update includes some of the features like User Interface improvements,  searching within a chat, more emojis and more! WhatsApp camera features also got an update that will give you more excitement and fun to use now. Any specific line you are searching for, in a chat, can now be searched. You can even share animated GIFs with your WhatsApp friends. This WhatsApp desktop update is automatically available in the WhatsApp wrapper.

FB messenger app for desktop has also been updated by Facebook. The FB messenger update was the most needed one. The update is for Window 10 and is in beta now. The beta version of the app means it is not accessible by all users for now. Only a selected or limited users can try the app. The update includes video and voice calling features. Video calling is a must for any desktop messaging app. Video and voice calling become easier when you have the feature in messenger app. You need not add contacts separately for calling like in Skype.

The update helps you call a friend directly from the app. Unlike before when you had to close the app for calling. A calling button is present on the top right corner of the chat. Whenever the friend is offline, the button is blue in color, implying that you cannot call him unless that friend is online. When the person is active, the button turns green and you can contact that friend further.

Did you check the WhatsApp desktop updates yet? If yes, do share your thoughts on the new update available.


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