The New WhatsApp File Sharing Update is Available for All File Types

Finally the day is here! WhatsApp file sharing update will make it possible for Android, iOS, and Windows users to send all sorts of files through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp file sharing update

WhatsApp file sharing update
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WhatsApp has made it its priority to serve its users with premium features. In the beginning of 2017, it rolled out new features including story update, high-end encryption, and status update. And now, with the latest WhatsApp file sharing update, the users are eligible to quickly share any sort of file with others. The feature will be available on every Android, iOS and Windows supported devices. What’s the catch? This amazing facility will allow its users to share any image, video or document without compressing them. Recently in May, 2017, Whatsapp had unveiled a new update to get messages read by Siri. This enabled users to read messages while being on the go.

Earlier, the users were able to share the important documents or files with others on WhatsApp. The social media app supported several yet limited types of files including xlsx, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pdf, rtf, txt, xls and csv. And this update sounds like sheer relief for WhatsApp users.

While the iOS users can share files of up to 128MB on this social media platform, the Android users are given a maximum limit of 100MB. And this makes the non-compressed videos a little difficult to share. However, we can expect seeing some quick changes in the near future. For WhatsApp Web or Desktop users, the file sharing limit is kept up to 64MB only.

The WhatsApp file sharing update is not for everyone right now. The authorities are randomly rolling out this new update for a few WhatsApp users. And if you get counted in those few names, consider yourself fortunate enough. If you’ve received a notification for this lovely WhatsApp update, share with us in the comments section below.


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