WhatsApp Security Flaw Lets Hackers ‘Hunt’ Users

A WhatsApp security flaw has come to the fore. Anyone might be able to fiddle with your display picture, also known as profile picture. Your status messages and usage patterns are also likely to be compromised. So, how secure do you think your favorite messaging platform is? Are you getting concerned about your WhatsApp privacy?

WhatsApp Security Flaw

WhatsApp is the most extensively used mobile messaging app in the world. And it has its share of headaches too. After being taken over by Facebook for $16 billion, there has been no looking back for WhatsApp. The original makers of the app have taken enough care to see to it that there is encryption and privacy will be taken care of. However, in spite of all this, one WhatsApp security flaw has come to the fore.

What’s the Flaw?

Just a simple software is enough to allow a hacker to expose the WhatsApp security flaw. Actually, using the software will allow anyone to bypass the privacy settings on WhatsApp. The credit for finding out the WhatsApp bug goes to Maikel Zweerink. Maikel Zweerink is a student in Dutch university. With the use of the software developed by him named Whatsspy, it is possible to get hold of WhatsApp users.

The intention of developing this web tool is to establish the fact and confirm the WhatsApp security flaw and that there is still a bug in the mobile messaging app.

whatsapp security flaw

According to Maikel Zweerink, “the application is setup as a Proof of Concept that WhatsApp is broken in terms of privacy.”

How This Can Be Done

The entire process to find out WhatsApp security flaw, you will first needs a web server. With this, it becomes possible to keep a track of the online or offline status, no matter the privacy is set to ‘nobody’. Apart from this, profile pictures, status messages and privacy settings can all be affected.

The web tool can display a timeline detailing the period how long a user was online and exactly when. Two users can even be compared for their WhatsApp online usage.

You will need a fresh mobile number – the one that hasn’t been registered with the app yet. If you use Android, then you will need a rooted Android Smartphone or a iPhone, which is jailbroken. That’s not all. You will also need good knowledge of PHP coding for WhatsApp security flaw.

Whatsspy developer has asked WhatsApp users to send their mobile numbers to verify the WhatsApp security flaw if they want to.

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