Your WhatsApp Could Soon Lose End-to-End Encryption !


After the London terror attack at Westminster on March 22, the entire Europe is on high alert. The country’s law enforcement agencies are finding the best possible means to prevent any such attacks in future. Latest reports reveal that the suspect in the London attack was active on WhatsApp, an end-to-end encrypted communication app, a few seconds before the assault.

Social Media Being Used For Terrorist Activities

End-to-End encryption has become one of the essential pre-requisites for communication applications and social media websites, which help to prevent leaks of any information or exchanges between the sender and the receiver on the Internet. End-to-End encrypted devices and applications are hack proof, and even the government agencies are not allowed to access the information

While, the feature helps in various critical processes such as exchange of banking information, credentials, and safe conversations on the social media, it also becomes a stable platform for terrorists to plan and execute their attacks. It aids in secret communication for everyone from government authorities to terrorist agencies.

 Amber Rudd’s Comments

Recently, the UK government has been contemplating getting access to information exchanged via end-to-end encrypted applications. UK’s Home Secretary, Amber Rudd said in an interview with a BBC1 show that the government must prevent terrorist organisations from using a formal platform like WhatsApp for communication. She stated that she is in favour of end-to-end encryption, as it plays a significant role in securing banking information and government secrets. However, she also said that the social media platforms are becoming a medium for terrorists to communicate and that has to be stopped. She said that she would be meeting with the social media companies in this regard to come up with cooperative action.

The Hacking Problem

However, UK can impose only a certain regulations as per the law. It is also apprehensive if such regulations will be a safe option or a way out for hackers to get personal information and government secrets. It remains to be seen what would be the Indian Government’s reaction as India has faced a similar problem in the past. Will normal users lose end-to-end encryption?


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