Why You Should Expect Only Software Updates from Apple WWDC 2018

The Apple WWDC 2018 is going to kick off soon, and the hype is real. Across the world, many are rooting to see a new hardware release in the WWDC this year, but this year might be only about Apple Services and Software at the conference. How do we say that? Read on.

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First off, the WWDC is meant for developers, and so software is the main focus of the event. Apple has always had the tradition of holding a whole separate event for hardware release and so one can’t rightfully wish for a new hardware. Though there have been hardware releases in past WWDC’s, that is only because it was the need of the hour and the next release event was months away. But how can we expect no hardware releases this year? Well here are the reasons.

First off, iPhone sales are plummeting. And the reason is not hardware, but software. Apple is increasingly making system changes and design retouches to it’s UI, but there haven’t been any real “smart” upgrades. And especially after this year’s Google I/O, everyone has seen the need for Apple to up its game. This is also applicable to Siri. The HomePod looks cool and is also well built. But when compared to the new Google Assistant,  Siri is lagging way behind, and it needs to get back to speed if it has to compete against the Amazon Echo, Cortana and Google Home.

The Apple WWDC 2018 is also expected to bring out some neat upgrades for its whole ecosystem. The Apple TV, Macs and Apple Watch. Like Samsung, Apple is also expected to follow Microsoft and announce its own version of Microsoft’s Continuum. This is essential for Apple because it needs users to stay within its ecosystem for the company to generate revenue. And with all these third-party services popping up that offer better services, (read Google) Apple is expected to go with this move.

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Another reason why Apple might be focusing on services and software this year is that Apple’s chief moneymaker is no longer the iPhone or any other hardware. It is the services it provides. Apple’s services business has been growing dramatically, and that can be seen from the statistics from Apple Music and Apple Pay. Revenues from the App Store, Apple Music and Apple Pay topped $9 billion. And that is an increase of $2 billion from last year. That is also double the income that Apple has been generating from just four years ago. Apple Music too is doing way better than its competitors at the moment. And when coming to paid subscriptions, the total topped 270 million in the March’s quarter, which is also an all-time high. And Apple intends to cash in on that.

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But Apple isn’t just cashing in on already existing services. The company is broadening out and beginning new services that the company has never done before. AR is an example. Right now, AR is a service or technology so important that it is potentially as important as the iPhone. And so this year we can expect to see many new enhancements and software updates that target that particular field, including introducing the ability to play multiplayer games in AR, among other new services or updates.

So one can only wait and see what the Apple WWDC 2018 is going to give out this year. May it be huge upgrades or minor ones, we can be sure that Apple is going for the kill!





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