Windows 8.1 to be available as free download

The Windows 8.1 will soon be available as free download come October 17. The upgrade is totally free and can be easily downloaded. The update will be released on October 17 at 7 am ET or at 4 am PT. The download can be accessed through the Windows Store.

The next day – October 18, is equally important. On this day, the latest version of the Windows OS will be available through the retail stores and on various new gadgets.

The update comes just days before Windows 8 celebrates its first birthday. It was on October 26, 2012, that Microsoft had released Windows 8. However, the new OS received quite a few brickbats as they pointed out the drawbacks.Windows 8

The fresh version of the OS was designed especially for tabs, laptops apart from desktops. Keeping the feedback in mind, Microsoft tweaked the operating system and made some crucial changes, which in unison is now known as Windows 8.1.

One of the most important changes is in the Start Button apart from many more improvements and new features. The Start Button can now be seen in the update, which ‘went missing’ from Windows 8. As the conventional desktop screen, the Start tip will be there.
If you tap it, it will present before you the Start Screen, which has been the basic home page of the OS. There are loads of apps and tiles to be seen here. Microsoft has taken care to see that it gets easier arranging the tiles.

Updates are also made in the Internet Explorer 11. Accordingly, the tab at the top will be visible and there is no need for swiping from the top to have a look at them.

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