Windows 8.1 includes the option to shut down from Start button

The update, Windows 8.1 now has the option to shut down from the Start button. The absence of the Start button made it very difficult for the users to get used to the new interface and for that one reason, Microsoft had to face a lot of brickbats.

There had been lots of talks to the run-up to the next update – the Windows 8.1. This update was initially termed as Windows Blue. The update has come to a tad more than seven months since Microsoft came out with Windows 8.Windows 8.1

The primary aim of this update is to make the user interface easier. It is still some time before the company will release the first preview of Windows 8.1. There is a great likelihood of the Start button making an appearance once and for all.

The US-based company came in the firing line of the users as it was getting difficult to get used to the new interface. The Start button has proved to be the easiest way to manage the OS and it was expected that it will stay in Windows 8, which didn’t happen.

Apart from the inclusion of the Start button, there will be more navigation controls for the users. However, Microsoft has decided to play it safe and hasn’t come up about the changes yet.

Earlier, if you right click on the bottom left corner of Windows 8, it displayed a quick access menu. This was handy in accessing the Control Panel, the Run option, and various other features.
In the update, however, the Start and Shut down option is likely to get added. If you left click on the Start menu of Windows 8.1, still it can take you to the Metro interface. For that reason, if users need a Start menu might need to install a third-party app.

Users will be able to enable or put out of action the boot-straight-to-Desktop. It shows the Desktop wallpaper in the Start screen. The navigation will display the “All Apps” list in place of the standard Start screen.

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