Write For Us – Writing Guidelines

Hi all,

We have spent years on the web and looking to spread the presence in the years to come. Bringing the tech news to you all is really fun. But we would like to share and increase the fun with you all. And that is why at the moment we are accepting guest posts. We are looking forward to adding stuff for the content that is related to this blog. If you think you can write reviews of gadgets or news-based articles then why are you waiting for? You are always welcome! But before you move any further, please read this.

The Do’s for Guest Writers

  • A guest writer should have an acceptable track record of writing content. Please do not write a post just for the sake of guest posting.
  • You should send content that is strictly original as well as interesting.
  • Gadget Garrio reserves the copyright ownership of the content.
  • Remember to have an informative angle as well.
  • The content once published with Gadget Garrio cannot be published anywhere else on the internet in any capacity, partly/fully.
  • The number of words not should be less than 800-900.
  • Do proofread the content for grammar and punctuation before submitting.
  • You can put your author bio.
  • Check and proofread your article before sending.
  • Attach at least two high-quality images in the body section.
  • Attach one featured high-quality image with 1024 X 800 size.

Gadget Garrio reserves the right to (partly or fully) remove and/or edit the articles you send. And there will be no initial notice sent out.

What kind of articles we accept?

You can choose categories that are related to smartphones, apps, messaging apps, laptops, cameras, smartphone and laptop accessories, social media, gadgets for fitness, browsers, power banks, knowledge base, security and security tips, YouTube, and anything that’s somehow related to technology.


(Updated on: 03-Feb-2019)