WWDC 2016 App: Know Everything about Apple Event

Apple has brought out the WWDC 2016 app. The app will be helpful in keeping Apple fans and all of us in the know about the latest developments.

WWDC 2016 App

The WWDC 2016 app is here. It has got some features that will be helpful to its readers. Apple has updated it by introducing a dark user interface which is absolutely something new and has a good compatibility with Apple TV. They have also presented a new icon which represents a white Apple on a dark background. This is the v5.0 of the WWDC 2016 app. Prior to this version was the 2015 edition of the app which represented a white theme along with an icon that has a purple logo atop a white background.

The conference for the latest version will be held between June 13 and 15. It will start with a keynote presentation as usual where it is going to introduce iOS 10 and tv OS, watchOS updates and Mac OS. It has also been heard that Apple will also bring about a new piece of hardware this year, although nobody is sure about it. The WWDC 2016 app is free to access and is 18.1 MB in size.


Like any other app, most of the things are free but there is some developer’s session that needs you to have a membership. So, keep on hearing the latest updates of Apple and its software and hardware. If you love using Apple gadgets, then you should keep yourself up to date by getting yourself the WWDC 2016 app.

The download link of the app is provided below for you. Once the event starts, it will be populated by a variety of news as and when it takes place. You will get to know it all at one place and it is the WWDC 2016 app.

WWDC 2016 | App Store | Free


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