Xiaomi Planning To Enter India Market With Competitive Rates

The Asian company, Xiaomi planning to enter the Indian market with their Android powered handsets. Of course, Xiaomi will arrive in the market with competitive rates that will increase the competition even further in the Indian market that is already experiencing cutthroat rivalry.

Xiaomi Planning

China’s Apple

Xiaomi, also known as ‘China’s Apple’ has come out with plans to make their presence felt in the Indian market as they are looking to expand the horizons of their business in various parts of the globe. And at the same time, Xiaomi has reiterated their commitment of working with Google’s Android OS.

Xiaomi’s Plans

Hugo Barra, who is the VP of Xiaomi and also a former VP of Google, has revealed that their company is very much looking to make foray in the Indian market. For that, Xiaomi is looking for telecom companies as well as potential partners in India, he said in an interview.

To have their say in India, the Chinese company will be coming up with their own e-com portal as well. That will make it easier for them to sell their Smartphones at aggressive rates. As they will be building their Smartphones based on the Android OS, Barra has said that they will be concentrating only on those Smartphones.

This means, there will be no phones from the company that will run on either Ubuntu or Firefox. CNET has quoted Hugo Barra as saying “We have no plans to do anything other than Android. There’s no point.”

Company Sales

The Chinese company has done well so far in the past. In 2012, they sold nearly 7.2 million Smartphones. The previous year was better than that as the sales increased more than two times to 18.7 million phones old. No wonder, the targets for 2014 are still higher, with an aim of selling 40 million handsets this year.

A report from CNET says that Xiaomi is trying to inflate the Smartphone offerings like Mi-3 and Redmi to various markets across the world. The Xiaomi Mi3 with the Nvidia Tegra 4 processor was brought in the market in September last year.

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