Xiaomi R&D centre in Bangalore soon

The Silicon Valley of India will soon have the Xiaomi R&D centre. It is understood that Bangalore may play host to the local centre for Xiaomi, known as the ‘Apple of China’.

Xiaomi R&D centre

Xiaomi is the largest handset manufacturer of China. The company was recently in the new and stirred news with the flash strategy of their sales. According to Xiaomi India is the key market for their upcoming gadgets.

The Chinese company is planning to have the R&D center in Bangalore that will serve as a center for customizing gadgets for domestic consumers.

Hugo Barra is the vice-president at Xiaomi for international operations. Speaking about the new Xiaomi R&D centre, Hugo Barra said that in the next one year the company is planning to have a noteworthy presence in the Indian market.

Xiaomi R&D centre
Image: Economicimes.indiatimes.com

The Xiaomi R&D centre will have product managers, designers as well as software engineers.

Before joining Xiaomi, Hugo Barra was with Google. He also worked with the Android department. He now will be with Xiaomi for a period of five years according to the contract from 2013.

The VP of Xiaomi has been working hard for the company. Ever since he has been with the Chinese company, Mr. Barra has successfully expanded the business of the company in various countries like Malaysia, Singapore and then followed by Philippines.

And now with the Xiaomi R&D centre, the business now slowly spreads into India too. Plans for Xiaomi do not spot just here. After India, the company is looking to have their business to other parts of the world and continents. Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, Mexico and Brazil are the countries where Xiaomi is planning to spread their business.

In China, Xiaomi is known as Apple of China. The reason for this is that Xiaomi makes phones that resemble the interface used by Apple along with the Android apps. However, the prices of the Apple of China are just about 25% of the original Apple devices.

The cost effective handsets are making waves in the Chinese market. That has even taken a toll of a company like Samsung as Xiaomi is eating into their market too and is at the top position. No wonder, Xiaomi will be adopting the same strategy for the Indian market like the one they used in China with the Xiaomi R&D centre in India.

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