XT-PRO DUAL is the New Phone from Thuraya with Dual Mode

Thuraya unveils world’s first dual mode and dual SIM phone with the name XT-PRO DUAL. The all new Thuraya device will allow users to experience a seamless switch service between satellite and GSM communication.



Thuraya is one among the few manufacturers who specifically deliver satellite phones, which work almost anywhere and everywhere. But the design features or any other features are not included in these type of phone as satellite phones are typically made for one use and that is communication. So if you are more likely to purchase a feature-laden device, then this is not something you should consider.

With the latest announcement, Thuraya has opened a new door for users to make an easy transfer between GSM and satellite. The XT-PRO DUAL will feature a dedicated slot for GSM networks. Additionally, there is another slot specifically made for the satellite communication.

Furthermore, a feature called “Always On” that XT-PRO DUAL possesses. This is designed for users who intend to alternate between calls. Whereas, the remaining will be connected to satellite and terrestrial networks as well.

As a matter of fact, the phone specifically focuses on those people who continuously travel and live in certain locations where GSM networks are limited. The phone covers more than a total of 160 countries that is widely spread over Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. While its GSM network is expected to support both 2G and 3G bands.

The device’s battery backup is pretty good, that comes up to standby of 100 hours even after 11 hours of talk. Additionally, users will get an SOS button on the phone alongside a shock-resistant feature. The phone’s body is extended to be a water and dust secured coupled with a Gorilla Glass protection as well.

The company boasts the feature of advanced tracking. This will further track the total distance traveled, present time intervals. The phone will also detect the movements outside the current geofencing with the help of GPS.


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