Yahoo! decides to buy Tumblr for $1.1 billion.

In one of the latest takeover, Yahoo! decides to buy Tumblr for $1.1 billion. The announcement is hardly 24 hours old, and the users of Tumblr are already threatening to leave the blogging platform in case the acquisition by Yahoo! materializes. The acquisition will make David Karp – the owner of the blogging platform a richer man.

But hold on, the danger is lurking out there. The reason is the hundreds of thousands of Tumblr users. They have come forward to virtually give the warning to leave the platform in case the acquisition takes place. The users are on Tumblr because they feel they are anonymous there and the privacy is the biggest driving force behind it.

Tumblr keeps almost minimal records of the users and the privacy is respected. That is the reason why many people feel Tumblr is ‘safe heavens’. Many Tumblr users feel that once Yahoo! takes over, they may not get the same amount of privacy as they currently get.

Ever since its launch in the year 2007, Tumblr has got a lot of response and there are loads of active users who are speaking their heart out. According to the reports, the site recorded a milestone of 8 billion page views in the last month. That brought Tumblr in the top 25 sites on the internet.

But Yahoo! needs to think and think hard otherwise users will certainly go on the mass exodus.

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