Yahoo to suspend user access of services with Google and Facebook IDs

Yahoo will be stopping the access that allows the users to access a range of services with the help of the credentials from Facebook and Google. These services include Fantasy Sports and the photo-sharing site Flickr amongst many others.

The changes will be rolled out by and by, said a spokeswoman from Yahoo. The discontinuing of this service means that users will have to sign up for a Yahoo ID instead of signing in with the username and password from Facebook and Google. However, she didn’t provide any deadline as to when the process would be finished.

This looks like another effort on the part of Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer, to usher in renewed interest in the company and their web products. No doubt, that will also help in reviving the stagnant value of the same.Yahoo Logo

The statement from the company reads, “Yahoo is continually working on improving the user experience.” Yahoo is of the opinion that the new changes will bring in novel and customized user experience.

Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’Em will be the first service from the US-based company that will work with the new sign-in process that Yahoo will be implementing. This is a service that concentrates on NCAA college basketball tourney. The tournament will get underway in this month at a later date. It was Betanews, a tech blog that first reported about this new development with Yahoo.

It was in 2012 that Marissa Mayer took over the reins of Yahoo. It was that time when Yahoo had brought out newer versions of some of its main products. Two of the prominent services were Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Mail. The following year, Yahoo came up with a feature that allowed the Yahoo users to recycle their Yahoo IDs.

This will allow the new users to claim those email IDs that haven’t been used for more than a year.

To let users use the Facebook and Google sign-in features was adopted by Yahoo in 2010 when Carol Bartz was the CEO.

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