Does the youth today prefer WhatsApp over Facebook?

The social app WhatsApp is making its presence felt as more and more young people prefer it over Facebook. The mega social networking site has seen a decrease in the number of daily users. The decrease has been observed in the teenage group where the young are getting more attached to WhatsApp than Facebook.WhatsApp

However, WhatsApp isn’t the only nemesis for Facebook. Some other mobile messaging apps like WeChat and Line as well as KakaoTalk are also adding to Facebook’s headache. Facebook has also official conceded that the number of daily users on the site is going down.

Facebook however clarified that these people haven’t left the site. The site says that they are on the site still, but aren’t using it as much as they were using it before.

As observed by the Guardian, the young people in their teens are spending more time on WhatsApp and WeChat. This has become a virtual mass exodus from Facebook. These messaging apps host free and instant messages via the data connection of the phone.Facebook

So what’s making the difference between Facebook and other mobile messaging apps that are driving the people more to mobile apps than before? The messaging apps easily promote the dynamic real-time chat that can have a variety of groups like your friends and kin in real life.

The existence of these friends and kin in the phone book give a feeling of more closeness than before and the mentality to get these people connected through such messaging apps increases automatically.

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